Let’s look at some of the reasons why Pharmaspa products are so effective.

Did you know that Pharmaspa products are made with the finest natural dried extracts? Not only is it safe, but it’s also effective.

Pharmaspa hot tub fragrances are water-soluble and do not leave a rim around the spa. That’s because the product is formulated completely dissolves so there is no chance for our crystals to clumping. Unlike traditional foaming products that can foam and leave residue, these nonfoaming versions do not affect the chemistry of the water nor the pipping.

All of the products are completely safe for your hot tub and jetted bath, spa, and bath.

The products are eco-friendly and humane, so you can feel good about buying them. Plus, they won’t harm the environment!

From the Original therapeutic collection to our Nature aromatherapy collection and the new Hemp collection, we offer a wide variety of hot tub products to improve your health


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