Electric Pulling/Lifting Winch - 60Hz


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The Plug-In Winch
The PCT1800 is recommended for situations where a conventional combustion engine is unusable or where noise is a factor. This electric winch, designed for lifting and pulling, is ideal for works to be done indoors, for pulling wire through conduits for example, as well as outside, for hoisting various equipment.

As with all other Portable Winch models, the PCT1800 has a capstan drum that maintains the same force throughout the work, over an unlimited length of rope. Specifically developed for lifting winches, the rope Progressive Capture System (PCS) is found on the PCT1800 series. Once the rope is inserted into the grabbing system, the operator activates the winch and initiates the movement simply by pulling horizontally on the rope. At any time, the operator can decide to stop lifting and keep the load in suspension, without any problem. In order to lower a load, the operator must pull the grabbing system cord handle to disengage. Then, the operator will be able to control the main rope in its lowering movement. If ever the rope was to slip out of the operator's hands, the grabbing system would grip the rope and prevent the load from collapsing to the ground.

Powered by a 1 ph - 3/4 hp electric motor, the PCT1800 develops a pulling force of 820 kg and offers a lifting capacity of 250 kg in a single line. Of course, a block and tackle system will allow you to increase its capacities!

Two versions are available: 60Hz and 50Hz. Make sure you choose the correct version for your region.