The Eva central fireplace to make the heart of your home beat faster. Who hasn't dreamt of a central fireplace around which to set up their living room? A place that is both friendly and elegant, a place where it is good to live and forget the daily worries by immersing oneself in the moving spectacle of the glowing flames of the hearth. With its sleek design, discreet hearth and exceptional finish, the Éva central fireplace is the ideal design fireplace to decorate your home. The open firebox makes it easy to feed the wood. You can hear the embers crackling and admire the beauty of the flame. You have found the soul of your fireplace. Our central fireplace Éva blends into your interior to make it more beautiful. It becomes the driving force behind your interior design, and you will enjoy designing your living room according to the harmonious lines of Eva. Calling for elevation, you will magnify your interior with her, for convivial winters.