Flair® 34


The Flair® 34 offers a remarkable combination of aesthetics and modernity. This wood fireplace insert is a luxurious way to reignite passion for your existing masonry fireplace. Using Soapstone instead of firebricks, you get an increased efficiency unit with a beautiful firebox look! It also features a unique patented air control system that allows you to extend burn time and generate heat at a more even rate. Enjoy effectively distributed heat even in a large room with the powerful dual-fan system. It comes with a beautiful contour and two optional faceplates to fit the opening seamlessly.


  • Beautiful glass viewing area.
  • Patented automated variable air control that extends burn time.
  • Soapstone lining inside for a beautiful even heat output.
  • Faceplates offered optionally to aesthetically conceal any gap.
  • Chimney Sweeping Cap allows the chimney to be easily accessed for cleaning.
  • Innovative perforated baffle offering an unimpeded view of the fire.
  • Circulating Chamber designed to prevent heat escaping to the existing chimney.
  • EPA certified