Griddle Cleaning Stone Replacement Pack

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Keep your griddle looking great. This replacement pack includes 3 Griddle Cleaning Stones, designed to easily buff away stuck on grease and stains. These durable cleaning stones work efficiently on either warm or cool surfaces. They attach effortlessly to a Weber® easy grip handle, sold in the 6- or 8-pc. Griddle Cleaning Kit.

  • Buffs off stubborn food residue, grease and surface rust
  • Cleans efficiently on cool and warm surfaces
  • Stone can be rinsed with water and used more than once
  • Includes 3 Griddle Cleaning Stones


Out-of-carton Dimensions - 6.10"H x 4.84"W x 3.46"D

Individual Carton Dimensions - 6.65"H x 11.81"W x 10.63"D

Quantity - 3 pieces

Fits - Clips on to the Weber® easy grip handle, sold separately in the Griddle Cleaning Kit