Grill Light & Timer

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Two great grill accessories combined into one. A powerful double headed grill light with ultra bright LED strips and an integrated countdown timer. It’s no ordinary timer, countdown in up to 90 minutes intervals with up to 4 alarm points called turns.

Picture the Perfect Steak, 4 searing positions all two minutes in length. Having a timer remind you to flip every two minutes is pretty handy especially when it’s already attached to the grill. Perfect for 1, 2, 3 or 4 turns. The backlit screen illuminates at the touch of any button.

Light up your entire grilling surface with two large COB light strips. The LED heads rotate 360 degrees to position them perfectly to illuminate the whole grill.

  • Designed for Imperial™, Regal™, Baron™, and other OMC grills with a round lid handle.

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