Skidding Cone Kit For Off-Road Vehicles

Skidding Cone Kit For Off-Road Vehicles


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This skidding kit is ideal for transforming all types of off-road vehicles (ATVs, QUADs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles) into a log pulling machine.

It includes the essentials for using your vehicle as an anchoring point; a sturdy skidding cone, a choker chain and a grab hook in addition to a vehicle pull plate. Since there is often no adequate anchoring point on these vehicles, the pulling plate is the perfect solution. The user can attach a rope, a choker chain or any other type of slings thanks to its pommel and two hooks. It is designed to be inserted on any tow ball of 50.8 mm diameter and less.

The kit also includes an open-face corner block and an automatic release. The trigger is installed anywhere on the rope, using the chain link, and when it hits the pulley, it ejects the rope, allowing the log to pivot along the trail and continue its path straight towards the pulling vehicle. Combined with the skidding cone, your load will make its way and you will not have to worry about pitfalls, allowing you to focus on the trail ahead.

Accessory set par excellence to get logs out with your ATV, your snowmobile... or even your horse!