Smash Burger Set

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It’s everything needed to smash your next batch of burgers. The smooth surface of the Smashed Burger Press prevents your food from sticking, and when it's time to flip, the beveled edge of the wide spatula slides under burgers effortlessly. Then give your burgers the extra kick they need with the two seasoning shakers.

  • Includes: Smashed Burger Press, patty paper, wide spatula, and two seasoning shakers
  • Smashed Burger Press releases easily and helps create edge-to-edge crust
  • Wide spatula effortlessly slides under burgers and can be used to smash with its reinforced neck
  • Seasoning shakers are easy to fill and have a cap to prevent spills
  • For a clean release, place custom-sized patty paper between the burger and the Smashed Burger Press