Stûv 30


Stûv 30 wood stoves offer three operating modes: open fire, closed fire with glass door and closed fire with solid door. Their refined curves provide a constant view of the flames and the combustion techniques used guarantee high efficiency.

EPA Certified, 3 doors – 3 modes of operation, 360-degree rotation

Stûv 30. Modern and revolutionary.

Stûv 30s are free standing wood stoves that offer many variations: open or closed fire, efficient heating, great view of the fire, 360° rotation and even year-round BBQ and heat accumulator on the Stûv 30 compact-H model.

Three doors, three operating modes

Stûv 30 wood stoves have three doors that correspond to three operating modes. The "open" fire mode beckons people to gather round. The "closed fire" mode with glass door magnifies the flames and warms the atmosphere. The "closed fire – full door" mode envelops the house in comforting warmth.

360° rotation

The Stûv 30 has a minimalist design and can also be rotated 360° to face the desired direction.

Versatility and efficiency

Stûv 30 wood stoves provide a perfect balance between pleasure and performance. Heating adapted to today's buildings and atmosphere at will.

Practical and user-friendly accessories

Fire screen, mobile log rack and even a BBQ grill to make it feel like summer all year round.