Swing Side Self-Blocking Aluminum Pulley

Swing Side Self-Blocking Aluminum Pulley


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Here are our two models of self-locking pulleys available for users looking for holding a load in position. They are popular in lifting operations as well as being very useful in forestry, hunting or for industrial applications.

These ISC brand specialized pulleys are made of aluminum and are therefore lighter, although their main feature is their cam brake system that allows the rope to pass freely in one direction and is blocked in the other. The cam is spring-loaded and can be disengaged by pulling a cord. It can also be locked in open position by using the pin provided. The pulley can then be used as a standard one, allowing the rope to go freely in both directions.

Made with aluminum swing side plates and sheaves, they are mounted on a stainless steel shaft and a self-lubricating bearing which will ensure a flawless operation, all without maintenance.