About Us

Porky's BBQ, Hearth & Spa celebrates the elegance of casual luxury leisure for your entire family. Founded in 2003, we have grown from a small, local firm installing gas lines for BBQ's, pool heaters and gas appliances to a forward-thinking purveyor of the highest quality Spa, BBQ and Fireplace luxury for your home, cottage and office comfort. Porky's tradition of uncompromising knowledge, quality and service in everything we do is the guiding hand of the founder, George Giesen.

Today, Porky's BBQ, Hearth & Spa – based in London, Ontario, Canada – offers a comprehensive array of luxury leisure services and industry-leading products from our showroom in London, and 24/7 in our online store. 

Porky's handles projects big and small. Exceptional and inspiring products are just a few of the factors that make Porky's a true destination to achieve your dream family leisure products. Our diverse team of knowledgeable experts brings technical acumen as well as passion and unerring taste to the table. Every member of our team also takes great satisfaction in helping our clients realize their dreams.


Founder & Owner. Driving force.

When the computer fails, George has all the knowledge stored from his years of experience. Call on George for all your luxury leisure needs.

Contact: george@porkys.ca


Parts and Service and Warranty Manager

Contact: jen@porkys.ca


Hot Tub Sales Associate

Mike has been with Porky's for 10 years. He is THE Hot Tub Guy. Mike's expertise on tubs is second to none. Come in and let Mike find the right hot tub for you.

Contact: mike@porkys.ca


Fireplace, BBQ, & Gas Technician

Alex has been with Porky's for 10 long years and is a licensed gas fitter. Alex is professional but friendly. He puts 100% into his work, and will 100% put a smile on your face.


Fireplace, BBQ, & Gas Technician

Nate has been with Porky's for 7 joyful, smile-filled years. His knowledge and experience in all aspects of Porky's is astounding. Nate takes pride in his good work and always strives to make sure customers are totally satisfied.


Hot Tub Technician


Sales Associate


Sales Associate

Our Values, Service and Quality Guarantee

Porky's is a family - Our customers, suppliers and employees are our family.

In treating everyone as a family member, we will provide the Best Value, the most Knowledgeable Service, and the Highest Quality Products available to make your luxury leisure experience as perfect as perfect can be.