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Wood Burning Fireplaces & Stoves

Stûv 6-in

Stûv 6-in’s are wood-burning inserts perfectly suited to small spaces while offering a view of the fire larger than life.

Low Fine Particulate Matter Emissions

Simplified installation

Suitable for all masonry hearths

Stûv 30

Stûv 30 wood stoves offer three operating modes: open fire, closed fire with glass door and closed fire with solid door. Their refined curves provide a constant view of the flames and the combustion techniques used guarantee high efficiency.

EPA Certified

3 doors – 3 modes of operation

360-degree rotation

Stûv 16

The Stûv 16 wood stoves stand out for their perfectly balanced straight lines that showcase the beauty of the flames.

EPA certified

Available in 3 sizes

Hinged door

The Luxury of Bullfrog Spas.

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Friends, family, & loved ones.

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