LUXUS® 28 Pier


The LUXUS® 28 Pier is going to transform your home and sooth the souls of all who are living there. Enjoy the flames from nearly anywhere in the room thanks to this “Pier” configurated fireplace that presents the fascination of fire on three sides. A smaller piece of glass in the front, with two larger pieces on either side. With its BTU output of up to 49000 BTU, this luxurious decorative fireplace will warm up and charm everyone in the room.

Feel the quality built with its incredibly smooth sliding guillotine glass door that entirely disappears behind your chosen finish. Clean lines and ingenuity are gathered into this piece to let you experience real luxury by sophisticated German engineering and design. You’ll enjoy living in LUXUS®!

Guillotine Lift

Incredibly smooth sliding guillotine glass door that operates effortlessly. The glass door entirely disappears behind your chosen finish for an instant luxury experience.

Sophisticated German Engineering And Design

The impeccable attention to small details and the clean lines of the LUXUS® Series is evidence to the sophistication of German engineering.

Chamotte Refractory Panels

Chamotte is a rugged material that can take extremely high temperatures and absorb heat. That stored heat then radiates into your living space for optimal warmth and comfort.


  • Amazingly large viewing on the fire
  • Tested and certified by a North American Laboratory to the highest standards
  • The smoothest guillotine door of the industry
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Impressive fires with moderate heat
  • High quality chamotte refractory panels
  • Unequaled luxury fit and finish