Simplifying Pool Maintenance


No matter the type, Magic MINZ eliminates ANY and ALL algae problems you might have, NATURALLY. The most common areas for algae growth, known as dead spots, occur where water flow is minimized and other products can not reach. The absorption of Magic MINZ allows for every molecule of water to be treated properly.


The process of clarification relies on a very integral part of your pool system, the filter. Tiny particles can often be missed, leaving your pool looking cloudy. Magic MINZ gathers those tiny particles together to allow your filter a better chance at catching them and creating a more efficient system all together.


Flocculation is an additional treatment for cloudy water that captures any particles missed by the filter. The floc component in Magic MINZ pushes any remaining particles to the bottom of your pool for easy removal with a vacuum.


Pools rely on a sophisticated balance of pH levels and alkalinity. Magic MINZ helps to stabilize these levels to avoid drastic fluctuations and reduce the need for other chemicals.



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