La Plancha 60

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Plancha BBQ 2 burners, the Plancha 60 easily finds its place in your yard. Its marine-grade stainless steel base and enameled cast iron plate allow daily use. Compatible with propane and natural gas. Soft cover is included in the box.

Easy to Clean

The only Planchas manufacturer to know how to enamel, all our plates are guaranteed for life . The multilayer enamel finish of the gas Plancha makes it possible to waterproof the plate and to maintain it easily without risking scratching it. Scrape the Plancha with a stainless steel ball and the plate becomes clean again.

Efficient Burners

Quickly heat up to 680 ° F safely without deforming the plate. ENO develops the most suitable burners for each of the ranges. The cooking is precise and controlled and allows cooking without distorting the flavors of the food. We can cook everything!

Stainless steel or steel?

World leader in boat cookers, we have the same finishing requirements for our stainless steel and steel for our Planchas. All our bases are designed to withstand the elements. Marine stainless steel is particularly recommended for the seaside.

The Ideal Cooking!

Robust and durable, cast iron is the material which retains heat best, diffuses it slowly and redistributes it evenly.


Lifetime on plate, 10 years on burners & 2 years on base. Please refer to your Owner's Guide for the warranty terms that apply to your particular product.