Multi Tool Bag

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With this multi tool bag, you can protect and carry your tools. Featuring a rugged wheel system, it can be wheeled on the ground for easier transportation. When it’s time to tackle the job, the extra-large opening design makes it quick and easy to retrieve your products. Plus, with elastic belts contained inside, you can fasten your tools for convenient battery and accessory storage.


  • Made of rugged, weather resistant canvas
  • Resists abrasion and wear to protect and carry your tools
  • Features rugged wheel system for easy and durable transportation
  • Easy to store and take out tools with extra-large opening design
  • Plastic bottom layer for easy cleaning
  • Water Resistant
  • Provides fastening for tools with elastic belts inside
  • Convenient for battery and accessory storage
  • Size: 49.61” L x 14.17” W x 8.66” H